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The Old Guard [FREE Full HD] 永生守卫[HD中文字幕]


Watch Free Full HD [The Old Guard 2020]. The Old Guard is a 2020 American superhero action-fantasy film directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood and written by Greg Rucka, based on his comic book of the same name.

Andromache (“Andy”) of Scythia, Booker, Joe, and Nicky are centuries-old warriors with regenerative healing abilities who use their vast experience to help people. Former CIA operative Copley hires them ostensibly to rescue a group of kidnapped children in South Sudan. During the mission, however, they are ambushed by a squad of soldiers. After healing their wounds and killing their attackers, they find recording equipment and realize that Copley set them up to expose their apparent immortality.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, U.S. Marine Nile Freeman has her throat slit while taking down a military target, only to recover without a scratch. Soon after, she shares a disturbing dream with the other immortals, who are then alerted to her existence. Despite the team’s world-weariness, Andy tracks down and rescues Freeman before military personnel can abduct her for testing.

Copley shows video of the ambush to pharmaceutical executive Steven Merrick, who sends operatives to capture the team and learn the secrets of their abilities. Andy brings Nile to France, where Nile meets the rest of their team. She is told about Quynh, the first of Andy’s comrades, who centuries ago was captured by priests and cast into the sea in an iron coffin, and has been continually drowning ever since. The group also reveals that they are not truly immortal: their ability to heal eventually stops without warning.


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