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Palm Springs 2020 [Full HD Movie] 棕榈泉[HD 完整版]


Watch Free Full HD Palm Springs 2020.

Palm Springs is a 2020 American romantic comedy film directed by Max Barbakow (in his directorial debut) and written by Andy Siara. It stars Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti, Peter Gallagher, and J. K. Simmons, and follows two strangers who meet at a Palm Springs wedding only to get stuck in a time loop.

On November 9, Nyles wakes up next to his girlfriend Misty on the wedding day of Tala and Abe. At the reception, he delivers a seemingly impromptu speech, to the relief of the drunk and unprepared maid of honor Sarah. The two bond and, after discovering Misty cheating on Nyles, begin to have sex until Nyles is abruptly shot in the shoulder with an arrow by an older man named Roy. Wounded, he crawls towards a mysterious red light in a nearby cave, and warns Sarah not to follow. Sarah, curious, is sucked into a vortex in the cave.

Sarah wakes up on November 9. After she confronts Nyles, he explains that she is now stuck in the same time loop as him. Sarah unsuccessfully attempts many escape methods, such as driving to her hometown or suicide. Nyles and Sarah spend many days together, often relaxing in the pool of a vacationing family. Nyles reveals Roy is a family man who lives in Irvine whom Nyles also trapped in the time loop after a night of partying, and who sometimes comes to Palm Springs to hunt Nyles and “get revenge”.

After many more loops, Nyles and Sarah camp out in the desert, and eventually have sex. The next day, Sarah is woken up by Abe, having spent the night of November 8 together. A guilt-ridden Sarah refuses to talk about the previous night and expresses that everything they do is meaningless to a confused Nyles. They are soon pulled over by a police officer, who turns out to be Roy. Sarah runs over Roy in his police car, and Nyles reveals that he has slept with Sarah numerous times, something that he previously lied about. A disgusted Sarah runs in front of an incoming truck to kill herself and restart the day.

After the next reset, Nyles goes looking for Sarah to apologize but he cannot find her. Lying in Abe’s bed while the groomsmen take drugs, Nyles smells Sarah’s perfume on his pillows and realizes that Sarah and Abe had sex the night before the wedding. He confronts Abe during the wedding and a fight breaks out between Nyles and Abe. Multiple resets later..

讲述Sarah(Cristin Milioti饰)在一场婚礼上认识Nyles(Andy Samberg饰)后,晚上两人约会时女主因故而被吸入一个传送门,醒来后Sarah发现一直被困在婚礼当天。

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